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Here are just some of the many outcomes and results that are possible for you by taking the first steps in creating your own personal brand:

  • Clutter contributes to the feeling of overwhelm. Open space for yourself physically and mentally. 

  • Clear out old energy and say goodbye to things that don’t make you feel good.

  • Make a difference by donating to others in need — what might be old to you will be new to someone else. 

  • Let The Weitz Effect help you prepare for a fresh start post Covid-19

The Closet / The Virtual Closet

Free up space and clutter in your closet by purging unnecessary items so you can have more clarity and efficiency giving you a great peace of mind. Feel organized and excited to get dressed knowing all clothing and accessories you keep are perfect for you. From here, together we will discover what needs to be added and what needs to be modernized.

In-House or Virtual Tailoring Consultation 

This is where we bring our trusted personal tailor to your home to update specific clothing for today's style. This will save you time and money and help you understand the importance of fit to maximize your modern look (tailoring fees are additional).

Follow-Up Session

Let’s make sure everything is right!

"I am ready to up-level my personal brand and create more success in all areas of my life thru style”


This program is designed for the man who works in a field where their professional image has a direct impact on their success. He is ready to take steps toward increasing his confidence, personal relationships, business network, opportunities for career advancement and income.



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