How Personal Style Impacts the Bottom Line

Style is more than just the clothes you wear.  It reflects who you are, your attitude and your personality. Style is powerful and it’s you at your very best.  Style helps create your own unique personal brand, and in today’s world, your business card is you. Style makes a statement when you walk into a room.  It creates a powerful perception and positive self image—a notion that permeates from your outer-self to your inner confidence.  Dressing well exudes intelligence, and it affects your performance in a positive way. When you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great you can achieve anything.  That's how style can impact your business.  No matter what your goals are in your professional life, style helps you accomplish them.


How The Weitz Effect Can Help Your Company

■ Business relationships will improve as your team sets themselves apart from the crowd.

■ They will create more opportunities to increase sales and impact the bottom line for the company.

■ Secure more meetings, more deals, and ultimately more income.

■ Your team will stand tall and fully in their power in a way that they've never felt before.

■ Learn to leverage and capitalize on what it means to have a customized personal brand.

The Weitz Effect Offers Tailored Presentations

■ Speaking engagements, including keynotes
■ Small group workshops
■ One-on-one consulting
■ Company retreats
■ Virtual seminars
■ Individual or group consulting with executive team members who upper management would like to recommend, reward and/or support based on their upside business potential


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