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The Most Stylish Guys You Know Are Getting Everything Tailored (Even T-shirts)

One particularly egregious issue any good tailor can easily fix? Overly roomy shirt sleeves that make men’s arms look spindly. L.A. style consultant Andrew Weitz said he’s always having clients’ sleeves narrowed. Recently, one guy’s knit polo with short but cavernous sleeves got the treatment and suddenly he looked like he’d been eating his spinach. “Now it hugs his biceps and gives him that [defined] arm shape,” said Weitz.

Italian Fashion Brands Make a Novel Pitch: ‘Real Clothes’

“I’ve always found European style just more tailored and stylish,” said Andrew Weitz, a Los Angeles-based style consultant to entertainment and finance executives. “That’s what I try to bring to all my clients at home. It’s how we should all be dressing.” 

‘Lazy Luxury’ Sneakers: Are These the Most-Worn Shoes on Private Jets?

 “Since the pandemic [the Triple Stitch] has exploded,” said Andrew Weitz, an L.A. style consultant to entertainment and finance executives. Its ubiquity in elite circles has even led some guys to start seeking out alternative styles to set themselves apart, noted Mr. Weitz. 

The Wildly Popular Men’s Shirt to Avoid This Summer—and What to Wear Instead

Men seeking a clean, understated look might consider a polo with a twist, said Andrew Weitz, a style consultant in Los Angeles. He often steers clients toward a Johnny-collar polo, notable for its total absence of buttons. “It’s a different take on a regular polo. It’s sexy,” said Mr. Weitz of the style, which can be found in various light, spring-worthy knits.

 Why Are Rich Guys So Obsessed With These Boring-Looking Shoes?

Andrew Weitz, the owner and founder of the Weitz Effect, a Los Angeles-based style consultancy working with high-net-worth customers, is a big hybrid-shoe backer (he even threw out the term “shneaker,” a coinage that was new to me).

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