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“I have been a client of Andrew’s for a few years now. When I first met him, he would point out little tips in the way I dressed and presented myself that I did not even notice or understand at the time. A couple of years later I have fully embraced “The Weitz Effect.” Andrew has helped me not only in the way I dress but also in my overall attitude and the way I carry myself. The Weitz Effect is not only about style and dressing better, but also about the “lifestyle” and how to embrace it.

Andrew combines his expertise in style with a multitude of other services that really can help enhance someone’s self-confidence, income, and attitude. He has a unique ability to connect with an individual and understand their personal goals and help that person achieve those goals. This is why I would highly recommend The Weitz Effect to anyone seeking this type of improvement in their life!”

– John A., Business Executive, Los Angeles, CA

“Andrew has changed my life through his ideals, knowledge, and experience. I could not ask for a better guide and mentor for the lifestyle that I wanted to achieve. He has consistently provided the motivation I needed to get out and fulfill my aspirations, look better and feel better about my direction within the workplace.

Andrew is one of a kind and without his guidance and support, I know I’d still be missing that piece of my life that I’m so fortunate to have now. ‘The Effect’ will continue to be a staple of my personal, professional, and social life and I look forward to learning how much more I can grow as a client.”

– Alex S., Entertainment Executive, Beverly Hills, CA

“Prior to THE WEITZ EFFECT, I was doing everything I could to move my career forward, but I felt stuck and knew something was missing. I was lost as to what direction to take my career, brand, and life. It wasn’t until I heard Andrew at a speaking engagement talking about style, confidence, and success and how important that combination is to a man that I knew I needed something to motivate me to a higher level.

THE WEITZ EFFECT was a huge game-changer for me. It has sincerely made me a better man. I feel like I know who I am again. I have reached a new level of confidence that I never had before. My brand as an actor is much more clear. I now feel very powerful when I walk into a meeting or into an audition room. Everything feels incredibly right.”

– Adrian G., Actor, Hollywood, CA

“Andrew watches a change of a centimeter in the clothing in the same way that Wes Anderson directs a movie — it is so precise. In all my [costume] fittings, it’s never been like this,” the actor marvels. And he should know, having just completed filming a part in the director’s upcoming The French Dispatch.

- Henry Winkler

“I have to say, Andrew Weitz made the process easy, relaxed and seamless. Andrew makes you feel very comfortable and enables you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. He is able to read your movements and expressions, he pushes you at just the right times and he knows when something is too far outside of your comfort zone. At the same time, Andrew still let’s you be you!

It’s not about his agenda; it’s about opening up yours and trying something different. He wasn’t pushy, but instead, very patient in helping me get to the place I wanted to go (but might not have known it). I look at fashion and myself in a whole new light and I will absolutely continue to use THE WEITZ EFFECT!”

- Ryan J., President, Tech Company Chicago, IL

“I am a business owner who has been living in Beverly Hills, CA for five years. The Weitz Effect has had a profound impact on my life on both a physical and mental level. Through my relationship with Andrew, I’ve learned how to live my life in a more realistic and peaceful way, and on a physiological level, The Effect has had an even bigger impact on me… a large transformation occurred! I lost over 40 pounds and gained muscle mass to give me the body I’ve always wanted. Andrew completely updated my wardrobe and I went from wearing flashy and somewhat cheesy clothing to a very classy, stylish and more mature look. The Weitz Effect has greatly impacted the way I do business and improved the way I maintain my personal and professional relationships."

- James K., CEO, Beverly Hills, CA

“It’s crucial to stand out… and it’s often difficult to be successful if you’re “one of many.” More than dressing well, true “style” is also about making a statement and most importantly – exuding confidence. Admittedly, I didn’t understand how invaluable this philosophy was until I started working with Andrew. I’ve not only amassed an impeccable wardrobe, but I’ve also rededicated myself to eating well, getting back into shape and tapping into my confidence. None of this would have been possible without Andrew and his passion for helping me unlock the best version of myself…and pushing my boundaries to be even better."

- David G., CEO, Real Estate Company New York, NY

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