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Unlock Your Confidence and Success with Personal Style - The Weitz Effect

Do you wear clothing that makes you feel “so-so” -- they either don’t fit well, or they aren't 100% right for you, but you still wear them anyways?

I have a feeling this is true (for many of you). I was known as an impeccable dresser when I started my career as a talent agent “eons ago” when I received attention for doing things no one else would. Known for my boldness and willingness to experiment with style, I was the first to ditch the talent agency uniform and uplevel my personal style. I wore skinny suits, double-breasted suits, three-piece suits… I even chose designer sneakers instead of the standard Oxfords back in the day, which was unheard of. I wore pocket squares, pocket watches, lapel pins, you name it. I even created the first real “Casual Friday” in my office, dropping the “suit with no tie” act. People knew me as the “best dressed agent in Hollywood'' because I did things differently and wasn’t afraid to try new things. That gave me the competitive edge and made me feel more confident, which ultimately contributed to my success in business.

So, when I started my style consultancy firm, The Weitz Effect, 8 years ago, not a single person was surprised. They all knew this was what I was meant to do and that this was my passion:

Help others develop their personal style to increase their confidence and reach a higher level of success in life.

Yet, that’s just part of the story...

Whether you’re here because you WANT to learn to develop your personal style or you’re here because you NEED to stop wearing clothes from before the pandemic or they just don’t look right or feel good on your body anymore…

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