How Personal Style Impacts the Bottom Line

The Weitz Effect works with men and women who work in fields where their professional image has a direct impact on their success. Through style, The Weitz Effect helps increase confidence, business networks, personal relationships, income, and career advancement.

The Weitz Effect Offers Presentations That Can Be Tailored For

■ Keynotes
■ Small and large group workshops and events
■ Company retreats
■ One-on-one consultations
■ Virtual seminars


What People Are Saying

“Andrew’s perspective on the importance of style, the role it plays in building confidence and the need to make your personal brand a focus worth “investment” was exactly what my team needed to hear. The Weitz Effect is real! 
-Adam Michaels
AFLAC, Vice President West Coast


“Andrew’s energy, enthusiasm and practical advice were the perfect culminations to a two-day session. Participants left with clear, insightful advice and have since made changes for the better!”
-Lindsay Greenwell-Farrell
Dun & Bradstreet, Vice President


“Andrew provided tangible value for business owners on how to up their game and make a huge impact on their bottom line. Attendees walked away with actionable steps they can implement immediately!”
-Adrienne Palmer
Entrepreneurship Export Exchange, Conference Director


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